Warlingham Community Choir

Choir Rehearsal

In the vestry at All Saints Warlingham

Chelsham Common

Joining in the celebrations at Chelsham Common


We love to sing for fun

The Warlingham Community Choir meets on Wednesday afternoons to sing a variety of songs, from folk songs, traditional songs, musicals, Christmas Carols and Christmas songs. We mainly sing in the vestry of All Saints Church, Warlingham but do try to perform outside in places such as care homes and community halls, when an opportunity presents. The Autumn term will start on Wednesday 11th September 2024.
We started 6 years ago and are so pleased that around 20 people come together to sing and have a chat. We welcome everyone including the many of us who always said “I really can’t sing”! If that sounds like you just come along, you won’t be alone!
Our leader John Hoskins is moving away from the area at the end of 2024 so we are looking to find someone or some people who might be willing to take us on. At present John suggests the songs, plays the piano and guides us, but there might be other ways for us to develop.

So, if you might be interested or have any ideas, please let’s have an informal chat. Richard M: 07981 135585 E: richard@bransby.com .

At Rokewood Court

Singing at Rokewood Court

At the hobbies event

Choir at hobbies event